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Joseph Gordon Levitt, Paul Rudd considered for Edgar Wright's 'Ant-Man'

The Marvel comic book movie gravy train keeps rolling down the track. Next stop: The big-screen adaptation of Ant-Man, coming to a theater near you on July 31, 2015. But while Marvel has a date, they still don't have an actor. They can just CGI that, right?

There are two actors on the short list to play the eventual Avengers character, according to Variety -- Joseph Gordon Levitt and Paul Rudd. The trade paper says a third may be involved, but writer-director Edgar Wright really wanted what Variety described as "more of an every man actor for the role with a wise-cracking personality." Those two certainly fit the bill.

There's only one meeting left between the two actors and Wright and the honchos at Marvel. There were several Ant-Men in the comics over the years, so there's the possibility both could be involved, but it's more likely this flick will focus on Dr. Henry Pym inventing a chemical that lets him shrink down and become utterly useless to a team that fights giant flying dragons and monsters on space hoverboards.