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Rubio: Keep heat on Iran

Sen. Marco Rubio has an opinion piece in USA Today in which he expresses deep skepticism toward signs Iran wants to engage the U.S. in talks over nuclear weapons.

"We should meet with Iran and see if they are serious, but we cannot put at risk the hard-earned leverage that took so long to assemble.

"First, we need to remember who we are dealing with. This is a regime that brutalizes its own people and denies them their basic freedoms. We are talking about a regime that has earned the distrust of the entire world through its secretive nuclear program. It's a regime that admits foul play only when caught red-handed. A regime that supports terrorism, including the killing of Americans, and has had an active hand in fueling conflicts that destabilize its neighbors and threaten U.S. allies.

"The erosion of trust in Tehran is simply too great. And so the bottom line in any negotiations should be clear: the only way sanctions on Iran will be lifted or suspended is if they agree to completely abandon any capability for enrichment or reprocessing. Iran has a right to a peaceful civilian nuclear energy program, but it does not have the right to enrich or reprocess."