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American Apparel created these horrible mom jeans and we just can't

The call to action came in a tip two days ago.

"Deal Divas alum Emily Nipps recommends one of us react to these HORRIFIC jeans from American Apparel 'with the appropriate tone of outrage and confusion,'" Deal Diva Katie wrote to us in an email blast.

And so, we're rising to the challenge. Honestly, is there anything appropriate to say about these jeans?

I tried. Here's my conversation with Katie after she sent me a link (via instant message):

Me: OMG those jeans.

i srsly just gasped. out loud

i just cant

Katie: high waisted jeans can be cute, but these are such an abomination. tina fey's mom jeans commercial needs to be part of this takedown

Me: this is an abomination and we must not stand for it


We don't know who came up with these things (or what substance they were on when they did) but let's get real. These "tap pants" (which retail at $80, are nothing but mom jeans. The really, really, really ugly mom jeans.