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TAMPA - Citrus Park Christian football coach Nathan Galan has resigned less than three months after being hired, athletic director Mike Guastella said Wednesday.

Galan's resignation came less than 48 hours after he was charged with DUI in the early-morning hours of Oct. 6. Galan, 25, was found passed out in the driver's seat of his vehicle with the car running, and his breath test resulted in a .140/.149, according to the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office arrest report.

On Oct. 7, Guastella said Galan would be put on administrative leave while the school performed an internal investigation, but the former Eastern Illinois defensive end resigned before the investigation began, Guastella said.

Guastella has since taken over as football coach. The Eagles, who are in their first year of 11-man football, are 1-4 and have been outscored 236-30.

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Midweek Grab Bag

The insane, and inane, football facts of the season.

Top total-yard performances by a QB

In a single game

1. 533: Chase Litton, Wharton (455 passing, 78 rushing)

2. 519: Colby Brown, Plant (519 passing, 0 rushing)

3. 451: Deiondre Porter, Jefferson (287 passing, 164 rushing)

4. 437: Deon Cain, Tampa Bay Tech (343 passing, 94 rushing)

5. 415: Dwayne Lawson, Hillsborough (291 passing, 124 rushing)

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Unsung Player of the Universe?

We've always admired what Jeff Keil brings to the table for Wharton, and quite frankly, would put him at the top of any list of underrated players.

And that was before the past two weeks, which have been phenomenal for the senior back.

Keil has not only rushed for more than 100 yards the past two weeks, but has caught more than 100 yards worth of passes in both games.

Oct. 4: 13 carries, 133 yards; seven catches, 126 yards

Oct. 11: 21 carries, 102 yards; five catches, 124 yards

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