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Teachers, look for the little apple core on the cover and inside tb-two* this year.

Spurred by controversy over Common Core Standards, the first of three public hearings on them took place Tuesday. But whether the standards and policies surrounding them end up being tweaked or thrown out, we hope to help. Each week we'll note in this box what tb-two* stories would be good for teaching and reaching Common Core reading and writing requirements.

We want tb-two* to be not only something your students enjoy, but also something for you.

This week, check out:

College stressors, Page 13: Parents, counselors and seniors themselves, those are just three sources of stress for a student applying to college. Common Core Standards: RI.9-10.1; RI.9-10.2; RI.9-10.7; W.9-10.2; W.9-10.4; W.9-10.6; W.9-10.1; W.9-10.7; W.9-10.8; L.9-10.1; L.9-10.2; RI.11-12.1; RI.11-12.2; W.11-12.2; W.11-12.4; W.11-12.6; W.11-12.1; W.11-12.7; W.11-12.8; L.11-12.1; L.11-12.2

Common complaints, Page 14: Glitches at the Common App website have been adding to students' stress about college applications. Pay special attention to the students' Twitter comments.Common Core Standards: CCRA.R.4; RI.9-10.1; RI.9-10.4; L.9-10.4; L.9-10.5

Senior portraits in focus, Pages 8-9: Tips for that rite of seniorhood. Common Core Standards: RI.9-10.1; RI.9-10.2; W.9-10.2; W.9-10.4; W.9-10.6; L.9-10.1; L.9-10.2; RI.11-12.1; RI.11-12.2; W.11-12.2; W.11-12.4; W.11-12.6; L.11-12.1; L.11-12.2

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