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'Crocodile Dundee' star Paul Hogan, wife Linda divorcing after 23 years

Crocodile Dundee star Paul Hogan and his wife Linda are divorcing after 23 years, it seems. It just goes to show that meeting a co-star on the set of a goofy '80s movie and then starry in it's exponentially worse sequel and getting married for 23 years and having a son only leads to trouble in the end.

Linda Hogan (nee Kozlowski) cited irreconcilable differences in her petition, TMZ reports. She wants spousal support and joint custody of their 15-year-old boy, Chance. She also wants to change her name back to Kozlowski sooner than later.

The site notes that Paul is worth upwards of $20 million, which buys a lot of shrimp for the barbie. His rep described the split as amicable, although the site notes they sold their Malibu home to Chris Hemsworth in September.

Hogan, 74, met Kozlowski, 55, during the making of the 1986 film that made him famous. That led to his divorce from first wife Noelene Edwards, whom he had married in 1958, divorced in 1981, then remarried less than a year later. He married Linda in 1990, two years after the Crocodile Dundee sequel. So by that metric, he and Linda should remarry in a few months, then get divorced when he finds a cute 60-year-old.