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How much time should Florida schools have to adjust to policy changes?

In the early days of Florida's school reform efforts, lawmakers would build in some time for schools and districts to work through the kinks of new programs and plans.

More recently, new rules have come with limited lag time. Officials in many districts complained about having to create new teacher evaluations as they were implementing them, for instance.

State Rep. Gwyndolen Clarke-Reed, a Broward Democrat and retired educator, has filed legislation aimed at ending the practice of having to build the airplane while flying it. Her HB 149 would require that school districts be given at least one year to implement any new requirements to the state's K-20 education code that are the result of major changes to current programs, or additions of major new programs.

The goal is to "allow the district to properly plan and budget for implementation of those new requirements."

Is one year long enough? Would an added step of allocating a period of time to see if new programs work before changing them help, too?