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It's Friday. Ready to reach back into the '80s and catch the 'Party Train?'

It's been a while since be partied on a Friday Lost and Found, so get ready to clock out and join The Gap Band on the Party Train.

Party Train was a No. 3 hit on the R&B charts in 1983, but only made it to No. 101 on the pop charts. The video features some fine break dancing in a boxing ring and plenty of Venice Beach bathing suit spectators including lead singer Charlie Wilson in his banana hammock.

The Gap Band was formed in the late '60s and originally called themselves the Greenwood-Archer-Pine Street Group after the street names of the Tulsa neighborhood where they grew up. By the '70s, they shortened it to The Gap Band and before they retired in 2010, they charted 33 songs on the R&B charts.