Lady Gaga admits using lots of drugs, says she has 'to be high to be creative'

Published Nov. 14, 2013|Updated Nov. 15, 2013

Wackadoo performance artist Lady Gaga has admitted to doing lots of drugs, telling radio station Z100 personality Elvis Duran she turned to weed to deal with the hip pain that eventually cut her last tour short. Wait, Lady Gaga does drugs? That's the most shocking news since we learned Justin Bieber was Canadian!

"I have been addicted to it and it's ultimately related to anxiety coping and it's a form of self-medication and I was smoking up to 15-20 marijuana cigarettes a day with no tobacco," she said about Mary Jane. You can watch the interview here.

"I was living on a totally other psychedelic plane, numbing myself completely, and looking back I do see now that some of it had to do with my hip pain … I didn't know where the pain was coming from so I was just in a lot of pain and very depressed all the time and not really sure why."

She also said being addicted is nothing new, since she's been trying to cope with the fame she so desperately has sought over the last few years.

"I've been addicted to various things since I was young," she said. "Most heavily over the past seven years ... But, the truth is that it is very hard to be famous." Well, it's a good thing she tries so hard to avert it by doing things like singing songs about being immortalized by pop culture -- and that her drug habits are essential to that process.

"I have to be high to be creative. I need that, that's an error in my life that happened for over 10 years … Can I be brilliant without it? I know that I can be and I have to be because I want to live, and I want my fans to want to live."

But can her fans live without such high art as lyrics like, "I want to take a ride on your disco stick?" We mean, what would be the point of living without it?