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Echoes of 'Hunger Games' in new Discovery 'Survivor Live' show

Published Apr. 7, 2014

Sounding eerily like the plot of the Hunger Games, Discovery will strand eight people in the wilderness for 42 days with only the clothes on their backs for a new live television event called Survivor Live. The network announced that the show will air two episodes each week, one pre-recorded and one live.

Like Big Brother, viewers will be able to track the players' progress on the Web and even see their biometric data to see who is physically struggling. (Feeling like Effie Trinket yet?) Contestants also will be able to ask viewers for help and can receive gifts like a phone call from a loved one for a pep talk or food, clothing, even dental floss. I just hope they arrive on a silver parachute

It's not clear yet how the weakest contestants will be extracted each weeek during the live episode. This is the point where I'm supposed to be appalled and note how writer Suzanne Collins warned in the Hunger Games how suffering as entertainment reduces us all. And I am. Appalled. But I know myself. I'm totally going to watch this. I'll probably send snacks.

The show is set to air later this year. May the odds be ever in your favor