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'Jesus Christ Superstar' starring John Lydon, Brandon Boyd, Michelle Williams, JC Chasez coming to the Tampa Bay Times Forum in Tampa

Just when you think you've seen it all, a tour comes along that makes you check to make sure it's not still April Fool's Day.

An all-star production of Jesus Christ Superstar is coming to the Tampa Bay Times Forum in Tampa, with a cast that includes -- get ready -- former Sex Pistol John Lydon, a.k.a. Johnny Rotten (as King Herod), Incubus singer Brandon Boyd (as Judas), Destiny's Child's Michelle Williams (as Mary) and 'N Sync's JC Chasez (as Pontius Pilate). British actor Ben Forster will play Jesus, a role he earned by winning the British reality show Superstar.

We'll pause here while you pick up your jaw and gather your brain matter from the floor.

There is probably no question that this event, which is June 15 at the Forum, will go down as the single weirdest musical and theatrical event of the year by far. Superstar in and of itself is a classic and crowd-pleasing show, but how will America react to seeing four seemingly disconnected pop and rock stars, and a British reality TV winner, playing major roles?

Tickets to the show are $44.50-$124.50 and they go on sale April 11. Click here and here for details.

-- Jay Cridlin, tbt*