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By the numbers

$37,000 Amount that a malfunctioning ATM at a bank in South Portland, Maine, dispensed to a man, who tried to stuff it in a shopping bag.

$140Amount the man had requested. Police said the money was returned to the TD Bank branch, and no charges were filed.

Associated Press

Gray wolves stable despite hunting

Gray wolves in the U.S. Northern Rockies are showing resilience as states adopt increasingly aggressive tactics to drive down their numbers through hunting, trapping and government-sponsored pack removals. A minimum of 1,691 wolves roamed the six-state region at the end of 2013, according to figures released Friday by state and federal agencies. That's little changed from the prior year, despite continued pressure from hunters and ranchers. Ranchers want the population significantly reduced because wolves kill livestock. Overall, wolf numbers are down just 6 percent since the animals lost federal protections in 2011.

Gays hail move by Argentine leader

Argentina's President Cristina Fernandez has agreed to become the godmother of a lesbian couple's baby during a ceremony in a Roman Catholic cathedral. Umma Azul, who is 2 months old, will be baptized today in the ceremony with her two mothers. She's the first child known to receive this church blessing in Argentina. Fernandez won a political battle against Pope Francis four years ago when he was Argentina's top church leader and the country became the first in Latin America to legalize gay marriage. The president won't participate in the ceremony itself, but gays were celebrating the move anyway on Friday, saying it suggests a new opening for the global church now led by their Argentine pope.

'Rape bait' email sinks fraternity

Georgia Tech is suspending a fraternity for three years after an investigation into a member who sent an email with instructions for "luring rape bait" at parties fueled with alcohol. A statement from the Atlanta university said Phi Kappa Tau violated student conduct rules and didn't comply with sanctions imposed last fall. The national fraternity said the chapter violated both university and fraternity policies and needs a break.