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Editor's note: Candidates not recommended by the Tampa Bay Times in the April 8 municipal elections are given an opportunity to reply.

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Bob Langford

New Port Richey mayor

The facts are clear, past experience on City Council and extensive community involvement; I have both the capability and understanding to be the next mayor of New Port Richey. I have the support of the community and the time to handle the ceremonial activities of the mayor's position, plus work with other council members on key initiatives facing our city.

The next mayor needs to continue the steady leadership that we've enjoyed under Bob Consalvo's term. Also, the next mayor needs to offer a strong positive voice in the community, along with the insight and the level-headedness, to build strong consensus on those key issues in the city. The council moved the city forward over the last year by reducing its debt, developing a clear working relationship between each other, which I would like to be part of going forward.

Please vote Bob Langford for mayor.