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'Goonies' sequel in the works

Hey you guys! A Goonies sequel is totally happening.

The director of the beloved flick, Richard Donner, confirmed that The Goonies 2 is officially in the works. Donner, 83, was signing autographs when he dropped the bomb on one lucky and unsuspecting TMZ photog.

"We're doing a sequel," he said. And just like that, all of our dreams came true.

Donner also said he hopes the cult classic's original cast - which includes Oscar-nominee Josh Brolin, Lord of the Rings star Sean Astin, and '80s teen god Corey Feldman - would all be back.

No word yet on if the story will pick up 30 (!) years later with the actors playing the original characters or if the film will be a remake of sorts with the 1985 cast making a cameo.

This isn't the first time the idea has been considered. Back in 2010, Donner assured the world it was a no-go.

"I don't think there'd be a sequel," he told Collider at the time. "I wouldn't remake it. Ifanything it'd be something new and fresh."

Astin, on the other hand?

"It will happen," he said in 2011. "I'm 1,000 percent certain there will be a sequel. I will bet my children on it."

Well, you know what Goonies say: Never say die!