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Predicting a backlash, officials fight fees - March 29

I am reasonably confident that the IT personnel involved with tag fee collection could program a credit for those who paid more before the reduction was enacted. If they can't, perhaps we need to bring in another "outside" consulting agency to complicate matters.

Edward Germond, Apollo Beach

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A work in progress

March 30

Governor fulfilled promises on jobs

Although Gov. Rick Scott is not very good at promoting himself, he came through on his campaign promise of creating more jobs in Florida. As reported in last Sunday's paper, Florida is now ranked third in the country for jobs created last year, cut unemployment in half and ranks fourth in the nation for adding private-sector jobs. Simply put, Gov. Scott did what he said he would do. He certainly deserves another term.

Dale Sieber, Hudson

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House blocks vote on solar

April 2

Let voters decide on solar tax breaks

We are living in the Sunshine State and must capitalize on the fact that we have an unusually rich supply of potential solar energy to tap, in addition to the fossil fuels we currently rely on.

State Rep. Ritch Workman of Melbourne was quoted in the April 2 Tampa Bay Times as saying, "Solar can't stand on its own two feet." Workman, the chairman of the finance and tax committee, justifies his stance to nix tax breaks to businesses that install solar panels by stating "the solar industry isn't ready."

Meanwhile, climate scientists worldwide last month called for immediate attention to the planetary climate crisis. And fuel prices are rising each week. If we aren't ready, we'd better get ready.

Former Cape Canaveral Mayor John Porter, now managing partner of solar energy company CleanFootprint, states that polls show over 90 percent of voters want the opportunity to vote "yes" on solar energy, to protect air, water and Florida's future.

If our Legislature democratically represents Florida citizenry, then we need the opportunity in November to vote in favor of the constitutional amendment that will give tax breaks to businesses that install solar panels.

We don't have time to lose on the climate issue. The majority of citizens believe this and want our government to take steps now to stave off the ruinous effects of extreme climate changes.

Florida can follow Georgia's lead. Georgia's utility director, Republican Bubba McDonald, pushed for more solar in that state because he said he wants his grandchildren to be able to see live trees. He taunted the Sunshine State for being a laggard on solar installments.

Let's get going, Florida! We must encourage and support the evolution of solar energy.

Jan Cox, Clearwater

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