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Miley Cyrus serenades giant dead dog, gets new one

Somebody's losing it!

Remember how Miley Cyrus was over-the-top heartbroken after the death of her Alaskan Klee Kai Floyd? Well, she still is, and it's become the newest bizarre spectacle on her Bangerz tour.

Miley broke down on stage on Wednesday while performing the song Landslide in Boston, E! News reports.

"It's gonna be hard for me on this next song. I'm not sounding myself, I don't feel myself. But I just wanna do one song," the 20-year-old singer said, fighting back tears. "I'm sure you guys already know, but the reason that I'm so upset is my dog, I shouldn't say he was my favorite but he was my favorite, he passed away. I just wanna do a song for him. We used to always listen to Fleetwood Mac together, it's his favorite song… So, I wanna do this song for Floyd."

Oh, but it gets better. Miley also performed at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on Saturday, where she serenaded an enormous inflatable replica of Floyd, according to Us Weekly. Singing Can't Be Tamed, Miley wrapped herself around the prop's leg.

"That was the hardest song of the night to do. As y'all know, because I lost my Floydie this week… Sometimes I just can't stop from breaking down crying," the choked-up Wrecking Ball singer told the audience, which included Madonna. "But it's so healing for me to be here with you."

She also dedicated a cover of Coldplay's The Scientist to the pooch, saying, "These have been the hardest days I have ever been through."

But it's cool; she already has a new puppy named Moonie to help her get over it.

"my mama knew my heart was broken & this morning I woke up to Moonie kisses," she tweeted along with a pic of the replacement. "So torn. I love having little Moonie cuddle w me and Mary Jane but just don't know if I'm ready to love again."