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Our Outfit Monday: Deal Divas and BonBon Rose Girl take on Macy's

A funny thing happened while we were getting ready to host our latest Macy's fashion show.

I elected to wear a breezy shorts jumper, and Katie and I were discussing how I should wear my hair with it. I got that crazed look in my eye, as if I had just eaten a handful of espresso beans, and exclaimed "A BIG BUN!" Katie got that look in her eye, that look of reason and sense, and said, "Maybe just do something more simple." I relented.

On Saturday, when I sat in the hair chair, I kept my mouth shut. I showed the nice Aveda stylists my jumper, and immediately they were both like, "A BUN!" And so commenced the largest Kardashian bun of my life. Yes, it was all my hair -- a giant teased ponytail twisted in a coil and messily pinned. And I loved it. Katie did, too.

We had yet another successful fashion show, this time at a new mall, Westfield Countryside. We had a blast hosting with Kristin Swenson of BonBon Rose Girls, who is always such a fun, down to Earth gal to hang out with. Kristin wore head to toe Michael Kors, including a hot jumpsuit (jumpsuits all summer long!) and snake print heels.

I paired my Maison Jules jumper with Michael Kors straw wedge platform sandals and a GIGANTIC BESTSEY JOHNSON LIPS NECKLACE (I gotta be me). I wanted to cop it so bad, but at $95, it would cover a student loan payment. Being practical is the worst.

Kameel wore a dynamite Kensie dress in bold orange lace. She labored over her shoe choice for a good half hour. Her heart were in a pair of funktastic to-the-knee gladiator sandals, but in the end we all decided some subtle giraffe heels were a more elongating choice.

Keyonna wore a skirt and top from Rachel Roy, a suede moto vest from INC and an incredible pair of shooties with silver details from Guess. Want, want, want.

And Katie opted to go all-American in a white chiffon dress and denim jacket combo from Guess. Her shoes were cage wedges from INC, which happened to be really kind on her recently twisted ankle.

Aveda did the hair for all the hosts and models, and the ladies of Clinique did everyone's makeup. And then we all convened to show off the trends to a packed house, giving out gift cards to eagle-eyed audience members and pushing everyone to finish the afternoon at the table of goodies from Le Macaron. Check out the slideshow above for our looks.

Top takeaways for spring dressing:

* Lace. Lace is everywhere, on full dresses like Kameel's, to little boho skirts perfect for music festivals to patches on sleeves and jeans. You can make this look ladylike or tough, depending on how you decide to style it up.

* Black and white. Whether it's stripes or larger scale color blocking, black and white is the color combo for spring. We got the black part covered! Now to pick up some white. Still not brave enough on the pants front.

* Soft pants. My favorite spring trend! Blousy, loose soft pants in every print under the sun are the look du jour for spring, which is great if you're like us and like to eat half a DiGiornio before hitting the clubs.

* Cage heels. Shoes with cutouts of all kinds are the thing. They're comfortable, hold your foot in place and add visual interest to your dogs. But just be aware of the little imprints they leave and budget a half hour for the foot to spring back if you have to go somewhere in new shoes later (right, Katie?).

* Fit and flare. Dresses that flare out ever so slightly into an A-line from the waist are universally flattering. If you're going to weddings this spring and don't want to worry about visible pantyline or the aforementioned DiGiornio-nomming, this is the style for you.