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Pinellas voters will get robo-calls on GOP budget proposal

Just like old times, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee announced today it is paying for robocalls directed at Republican U.S. Rep. David Jolly, who recently defeated Democrat Alex Sink in Pinellas County's special congressional election March 11. Here is the script for the robo-calls:

This is Allie from the DCCC, calling with a financial alert. Republicans in Congress are trying to sell you out so that they can help their wealthy contributors. And your Congressman, David Jolly is part of the problem.

You're already getting squeezed, and these Republicans in Congress are just making it worse. Their latest budget would cost 3 million jobs, raise taxes on families like yours, give tax breaks to corporations that ship jobs overseas, end the Medicare guarantee and raise costs on seniors.

Tell Congressman Jolly that his House Republicans should stop selling out the middle class and instead focus on creating good jobs.

Press 1 to be connected with Congressman Jolly and tell him not to vote for the Republicans' budget.

Paid for by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, (202) 863-5000. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.