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Why say it with words when you can say it with Karl Lagerfeld?

You know how some apps are super useful? Like the ones where you can do your banking straight from your phone, or go thrifting without leaving the house, or keep your various to-do lists organized?

emotiKarl is not one of those apps. But it's fun!

You can type out messages using lots of little Karl Lagerfeld faces (or with little icons of the designer/artist/photographer/Pippa Middleton shade thrower's sunglasses), and his cat's face, of course, because Internet, etc. You can save the messages like images and text them, tweet them, Instagram them, Facebook them... you get the idea.

And who knows, maybe it can be useful. Let's say your friend sends you a picture of, I don't know, the denim overalls, neon orange turtleneck and socks-and-sandals combo they plan on wearing. They'd like your opinion. You're not feeling it, but you don't want to seem rude, so just send a sad face Karl. Let him break it to them.

In case you're feeling inspired, emotiKarl is free in the app store (as it should be).