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Published Apr. 8, 2014

Severe thunderstorms dumped heavy rains across the Southeast on Monday and caused flash flooding in central Alabama, where crews in small boats and military trucks had to rescue dozens of people from their homes and cars. In Mississippi, a 9-year-old girl was swept away and killed after the storms dropped nearly 7 inches of rain over the past two days. A possible tornado in another part of the state hurt seven. A motorist in metro Atlanta was found dead after driving into a swollen creek.


Quebec separatist party suffers loss

The Liberal Party won Quebec's legislative elections Monday, in a crushing defeat for the main separatist party and major setback for the cause of independence in the French-speaking province. Official results showed the Liberals, staunch supporters of Canadian unity, won or were leading the race in about 75 of the of National Assembly's 125 seats, outstripping the separatist Parti Quebecois.

Charlotte, N.C.

New mayor chosen following scandal

North Carolina state Sen. Dan Clodfelter was named mayor of Charlotte on Monday night, replacing Patrick Cannon, who resigned nearly two weeks ago after his arrest on federal corruption charges. Clodfelter, 63, is a Democrat and former council member.


Washington: The Senate on Monday agreed to extend the federal unemployment insurance program to about 3 million people who have lost jobs and exhausted their state benefits. The Republican-controlled House has criticized the bill.

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