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Environment Florida's Jennifer Rubiello on what Bill Nelson said and what Florida needs

Published Apr. 9, 2014

In a letter to the editor in the Sun-Sentinel:

During a U.S. Senate all-nighter on climate change, Sen. Bill Nelson's statement that Florida is ground zero for sea level rise is a clear sign that he understands the urgency of addressing global warming. Given the PR campaign by the energy industry to spread junk science and deny climate change, elected officials making statements like this is critically important.

The next step is action, which means cleaning up our power plants - America's number one source of carbon pollution - and shifting to more clean energy, such as wind, solar and energy efficiency. President Obama is moving forward with a new climate action plan to limit carbon from power plants, but he'll need the support of Florida to make that happen.

I urge more of Florida's elected leaders to join Sen. Nelson and support action on climate change, starting with strong limits on carbon from power plants, so that we can protect the future of our children and our coastal communities from the worst impacts of global warming.