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Kate Moss for Topshop for Nordstrom debuts this month

I'm an avid oggler of 1990s supermodels (in a fashion way, not in a creepy way). I love the glamour, the devil-may-care attitude of Naomi Campbell throwing cell phones at people, the unashamed lips of Christy Turlington, the snobby snootery of Linda Evangelista. It all spoke to a very gold chain, Versace time in our sartorial history. Kate Moss was always there on the fringes being alt, but I was never a huge fan in the same way. She was not a glamazon, but rather, a waif, a dressed-down girl in jeans and Converse. But lately, when I scan through Pinterest, I am totally drawn to her rumpled aesthetic. Maybe I'm just older, but there's something cool and accessible about Miss Moss, and she's landed on my People pin board more than once.

So maybe I'll also like her new collection for Nordstrom, too. It's in the store's Topshop collection (this is a lot of layers -- Kate Moss for Topshop for Nordstrom). Per the press release:

The collection features updated fabrics, premium tailoring, and an intimate take on Kate's personal closet and favorite pieces. With looks styling the range from pajama dressing to cocktail hour and from boho blouses to noir-inspired trousers and bias-cut gowns, it's ultimately a reflection of Kate's iconic style.

Check out the looks in the slideshow above. I must admit, it's a little hard to get a good look at the clothes, what with all the artful shadowing and hair tossing. BUT THAT'S THE 90S FOR YOU.

The collection hits 60 Nordstrom stores, including the one in International Plaza, April 30. Customers who spend over $150 get a limited-edition Kate Moss Topshop tote. And the first 50 customers to make a purchase will get extra stuff in their tote. SWAG.