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Recap: Kevin Bacon visits USF, talks fundraising, acting, the Kevin Bacon Game and more

Nearly 900 people headed to USF's Marshall Student Center Tuesday night to hear Kevin Bacon speak about his philanthropic efforts, acting experiences and how he came to embrace the game named for him.

Though he's best known for his movie roles, including Animal House, A Few Good Men and Footloose, in the '90s he became known for the party game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, where players must connect any actor to Bacon within six steps.

"I was horrified by it," Bacon told the audience. "I had worked so hard to try to have a career that was taken seriously . . . here I was, all of a sudden, a party game."

Once Bacon realized the game was not going away, he decided to embrace it. He helped create, which connects local causes with celebrities.

"We are all connected," Bacon said. "The things we do effect people on the other side of the world and the other side of the block."

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