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Good morning. It's Thursday, April 10, 2014, and I went ahead and re-punctuated the top of Mike Van Sickler's story out of Tallahassee in today's Times:


Could be the newest safe haven.

For those carrying firearms.

Without a permit.

"To allow people to go into a riot while concealing a gun without a permit is the definition of insanity," Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri said. "The bill is crazy."

The hunter who says a Florida panther attacked him: "I was sitting back in some broom sedge, and he heard me calling turkeys. Then he saw me move and decided he saw something good to eat."

My favorite sentence in the paper today? Exactly when celebrities will land in Tampa is unclear.

The ongoing alteration of the connotation of the word waterfront.

The $624 Tampa airport parking bill.

The other missing plane.

Today is a day for beer in St. Pete.

This here means ... less opportunity for the students in this state.

Miami New Times via Bill Duryea: Three Florida Law Schools Make Top Ten for Grads With Most Debt.

"Florida's criminal justice system can do more to improve public safety beyond locking up all offenders," said Dominic M. Calabro, President and CEO of Florida TaxWatch, the independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit public policy research institute and government watchdog. "Nearly half of Florida's new prison admissions are nonviolent offenders charged with third-degree felonies, the lowest offense on the felony severity chart. Florida would be safer by rehabilitating these offenders without having them spend time in costly prisons, or crime colleges, where they are detained with dangerous, violent criminals." Click.