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On the run

Hightailing it on New York City train tracks

A fleet-footed pooch is lucky to be alive after racing a commuter train in New York City. The dog ran alongside the Metro-North Railroad train Tuesday on a parallel track, the New York Post reported. Engineer Joseph Delia said the dog was running "like she didn't have a care in the world." Then she got ahead of the train, and Delia had to go "real slow" to avoid hitting her. That wasn't the only danger: Trains run on tracks that are electrified by a third rail, at about 700 volts. Two Metropolitan Transportation Authority police officers brought the dog to safety at 125th Street station. The dog walked into officers' arms at end of the platform as customers applauded. The officers named her "Tie" for all the railroad ties she crossed. Tie had no tags or microchip. If her owner can't be located, she'll be put up for adoption.

Good call

Be careful whom you pocket-dial

Two burglary suspects were arrested after one of them accidentally called 911 and left the line open as the pair discussed the crime, police in Maplewood, Minn., say. The St. Paul Pioneer Press reports the dispatcher overheard a conversation about where police were. The dispatcher saw the location was a car-repair shop. Officers arrived to see two men leaving the building wearing dark clothing. One carried a television, the other a box. The men dropped the objects and ran, but were caught by police dogs. They were charged with third-degree burglary.

The eyes have it

In the pink, and that's not good

American Samoa is keeping most schools closed for the rest of the week as it tries to contain a pink eye outbreak that has affected about 2,300 students, disrupted court hearings and kept some passengers from boarding flights. All 28 public schools in the U.S. territory had shut down Friday and were to reopen Wednesday. But only four schools in the remote island group of Manua reopened. Schools on the main island of Tutuila will stay closed until next week. Officials say more than 30 percent of teachers are on sick leave because of the contagious eye condition.

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"Mazda is having to recall 42,000 cars because spiders have been making webs near the engine vent, which could cause fires. They said, 'If you have a Mazda, just hop into that spider-infested fireball and drive it on back to the dealership.'"

Jimmy Fallon, host of Tonight Show