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Music and lasers, games and technology, even a scene straight out of The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Dennis Edmonds' vision of an expanded Seffner Beef 'O' Brady's excites him so much he has compiled 27-pages of drawings and an endless supply of beer and chicken wings to help bring it to life.

Edmonds serves as the general manager of the Seffner Beef 'O' Brady's, but it's his 18 years of experience as a senior manager of resort sales at Disney that fuels his latest work.

Edmonds and his son, Eric, the restaurant proprietor, have agreed in principle to expand their family sports pub to include an adjacent 1,400-square-foot venue for private parties.

The Kokua Lima thrift store has moved out of the former Blockbuster location at Parsons Square Village after just three months paving the way for the Edmondses to move into one of the available units by June 1.

"I'm going to give the people a Disney experience," Dennis Edmonds said. "We like this neighborhood. There's not a Beef 'O' Brady's that does what we can do."

Armed with the stability Winn-Dixie will bring when it takes over the shopping center's anchor location from Sweetbay today, the Edmondses said they are finalizing a new 10-year lease with a pair of 5-year options.

They purchased the 21-year-old restaurant six months before neighboring Blockbuster filed for bankruptcy in September 2010. That's how long Dennis' creative wheels have been spinning about potential expansion plans.

While he is overjoyed to have this new opportunity, Dennis is also happy just to be alive to see it through. In 2004 a diamondback rattlesnake bit him outside his Wesley Chapel home, sending him into a 12-hour coma and leaving him with challenging side affects to his immune system, diet and quality of life.

"I should be dead," he said.

Instead, he's envisioning lively birthday parties, rehearsal dinners, chamber meetings and business gatherings in the new space.

"I think it will be a 50/50 split between birthday parties from customers and the other half will be business events," Eric said.

Dennis plays the ukulele and bass guitar, along with Eric, so they want to host musical events in the new space as well, including something called "Pickin' in Seffner," an idea Dennis borrowed from the tiny town of Franklin, N.C.

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Prospect Mortgage expands to Riverview

Prospect Mortgage, a Sherman Oaks, Calif., based business with a strong presence in Tampa has expanded into Riverview with an office at the Winthrop Town Centre.

Branch manager Emily Lara, who has worked in the local mortgage industry for 12 years, most recently with Wells Fargo, opened the business March 1.

A staff of eight, including Lara's son, Michael, focuses on those who are hardest hit by the 2007 housing market crash. They work with individuals who have credit scores lower than 640, primarily 580-600, who are trying to obtain FHA loans.

These second-chance opportunities are for people who are two years out of bankruptcy, foreclosure or short sale.

"It's an amazing product," said Emily Lara, who also is fluent in Spanish. "We guarantee your loan will close on time. It is very difficult to do that with banks."

Prospect Mortgage also offers lines of credit up to $1 million for property investors. Michael J. Williams, the former president and CEO of Fannie Mae, is the chairman of its board of directors.

The new location is open 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday and by appointment on the weekends. Emily also acts as branch manager for the newly opened Bonita Springs branch of Prospect Mortgage. Call (813) 261-3200 for loan options.

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Grand opening rescheduled

Castle Creole, a new restaurant offering French Caribbean cuisine at 435 E Brandon Blvd., has rescheduled its grand opening at 10:30 a.m. May 2 It had planned to open in April, but a family emergency pushed back the launch.