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In search of perfect brows

Do you ever look in the mirror and realize with horror that there are two caterpillars crawling across your forehead? It's like one day your eyebrows are totally fine, shaped just the way you like them and then BAM! they are out of control.

I had one of those realizations the other day and needed a fix fast.

Tweezing was an option. But, besides cleaning up a few strays, my brows also needed some shape, something I'm not comfortable doing myself. I fear I'll get too zealous and be left with nothing.

The option of threading has been off the table since a painful experience a year ago. Some people swear by the ancient method of hair removal that uses strings to pluck several hairs at a time. But, I'm apparently too big of a wimp -- I cried the entire session.

That leaves waxing. But, where to go?

Sure, you can get your eyebrows waxed at the hair or nail salon, but I wanted to try something new. Ulta's Benefit Brow Bar seemed to fit the bill

Housed in select Ultas (including the Brandon and Clearwater locations), the Benefit Brow Bar is staffed by professionals trained in the art of eyebrow shaping. At least, that's what the website says.

My service was done by Marlene in the Lakeland location, who began by using an eyebrow pencil and powder to show me where my ideal brow should be. She followed guidelines similar to the ones here by Women's Health Magazine. Then she pointed out the areas she would wax -- above the eyebrow, below the arch, etc.

The waxing was quick, almost painless and she tweezed a few strays. Then, because I told her I was headed straight to work, she filled the brows in for me using Benefit Brow Zings powder and dabbed Boing concealer on my red skin.

The service is $20. They take walk-ins but I recommend getting an appointment as it took a couple of visits before I could be helped. Worth it to no longer see caterpillars in the mirror.

What is your go to method to control your brows? Any proponents to threading out there?

Bonus: I got a free sample of Benefit's Big Easy multi-balancing complexion perfector while i was there. And, as a girl with combination skin, I have to say it works great. Too bad the price tag is $38.