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Recap: 'Scandal' heads to an explosive season 3 finale

It's time for some tough talk, Scandal. Ready?

I'm getting bored.

How much Olivia-Fitz back-and-forth can a viewer handle? How many more B613 agents can we keep track of? How many Russians does it take for us to actually care about the Mama Pope plot?

Scandal's shortened third season ends next Thursday, and while this season has contained some of the best moments of the series, it's also been one of the most convoluted and repetitive - and easier to lose interest in. Our advice for season 4? Get back to two or three major plot lines, and throw in some Case of the Week episodes.

The end of this episode (more interesting at least than last week's snoozefest) sets us up for a big, EXPLOSIVE (had to) finale, and we're actually on board with that. Wipe out a handful of characters, Scandal, and clear the slate. Also: Don't you dare kill Papa Pope!

In the spirit of envisioning a better show for season 4, here's our advice for what to keep/lose.

Don't care about anymore:

* Whether Fitz and Olivia are together.

* Whether Jake and Olivia are together.

* Quinn's love life. Actually, anything about Quinn.

* President Grant's campaign slogan: "Excellence. Experience." Uh, really? That's lame.

* Huck and Quinn doing things with their mouths. The kissing? The licking? SO DISTURBING.

* B613. Period.

* Sad Olivia, on the couch, drinking wine

* Harrison.

Still care about/want to see more of:

* Papa Pope. This show can never go wrong with a monologue from Joe Morton. DON'T LET HIM DIE!

* Cyrus! We've seen less of him since James died, which is a real shame, and the very thing we were afraid of when Dan Bucatinsky left the show.

* More references to the Tampa Bay area. Did you catch President Fitz's "Good morning, St. Pete! ... I'll be sure to bring my fishing rod next time" during his TV spots telling people to get out and vote?

* Mellie's feelings. At this point, Mellie's the best character on this show, full of complicated emotions and motivations. Give her a big juicey story that doesn't solely revolve around her past as a rape victim.

* Scott Foley. Give him something better to play!

* The presidential election. It's interesting enough without all the conspiracies and murder.