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The last '80s hit by the band that gave us the '80s sound

As we wrap up the "Under the Covers" week, we set the table for a romantic weekend with Roxy Music and More Than This.

Roxy Music has been a constant for Steve Spears and the SIT80's podcast over the last couple years as Roxy Music was part of "Origins of the '80s Sound" podcast and has been name-dropped by many musician interviews as being a major influence. In 1983, Roxy Music had their last chart appearance with More Than This that only reached No. 102 on the singles charts.

The video for More Than This received solid airplay and the scenes of Bryan Ferry sitting by himself in the theatre watching his own video was a memorable image for early cable watchers. Ferry also showed his style by pulling off the bow tie and black leather jacket look.

Despite all the tributes paid to Roxy Music over the years, including being named by Rolling Stone as one of the Greatest 100 artists of all time, the band has yet to have a full scale reunion since departing in 1983.