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Published Apr. 14, 2014

Rays reliever Joel Peralta was glad to see that the suspected use of pine tar by Yankees pitcher Michael Pineda in a Thursday game got no more than a shrug from people throughout baseball, given how widespread its usage is.

"That's normal," Peralta said. "Everyone knows pitchers use pine tar. It's normal."

That was pretty much the case in June 2012 as well, but Peralta was suspended eight games after being caught with pine tar in his glove after then-Nationals manager Davey Johnson complained to the umpires.

So why was it different then?

"Because they didn't like me in D.C., I guess," said Peralta, a former National. "Or because Davey Johnson was a (jerk) or something. Or the pitching coach."

Rays manager Joe Maddon saw how the Pineda incident "opened the Peralta scar" and suggested maybe it would lead to an official rules clarification since the substance is used so commonly to aid a pitcher's grip.

"I think it is a pretty widespread situation, and I think it's widely accepted," Maddon said.