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Published Oct. 2, 2014

Much to the confusion of fans everywhere, Bollywood apparently had the same titling idea as Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj and Jessie J.

With a little dancing minus the twerking, this Bang Bang is a regular ol' shoot-'em-up tale about a good (he promises!) guy on the run who drags along a skimpily dressed innocent bank receptionist. The international dash crosses Greece, the United Arab Emirates, Thailand and, of course, India, conveniently ignoring a few places in between. The movie is bizarrely labeled a remake of the forgettable Tom Cruise-Cameron Diaz movie Knight and Day and touted to have some of Bollywood's biggest action sequences, with 120-car chases and underwater fight scenes, including one that gave star Hrithik Roshan a head injury that required surgery.

In addition to Roshan, the chiseled dancer who closed out Tampa's International Indian Film Academy Awards, the movie stars the flaky Katrina Kaif and perennial baddie Danny Denzongpa.

It opens today at Tampa's AMC Veterans 24.

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If you saw co-host Kapoor hamming it up throughout April's IIFA Awards, his turn this weekend on the big screen may surprise you.

He plays the titular role for Haider, a dark adaptation of Hamlet with all of the Dane's insanity, back-stabbing politics and soliloquies moved to politically torn Kashmir. The cast also features such acting stalwarts as Irrfan Khan (The Lunchbox, Life of Pi) as Haider's father in revenge-hungry ghost form and Tabu (Life of Pi, The Namesake) as Haider's younger stepmother, with whom his relationship is much more complex.

Writer-director-composer Vishal Bhardwaj has substantial experience adapting Shakespeare for Hindi films, after 2003's Maqbool (Macbeth) and 2006's riveting Omkara (Othello). Both have been highly praised by critics, and Haider looks to be a fitting cap to the trilogy.

It also opens today at Veterans 24.