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Album number: 10. Age: 50. Signs of slowing down: 0.

At a point in his life when many musicians start hanging up their boots, Lenny Kravitz is still working hard to cement his place in music history. This time around, he offers Strut.

Strut is typical Kravitz, although it doesn't feel "stuck" in some past sound. The first half of the album is easily its best, riddled with high-powered, energetic songs (new wave inspired The Chamber and Dirty White Boots), funky songs (New York City) and definite anthems (Strut). All the sounds blend strongly, despite all their differences. Note: Bluesy Lenny and country Kravitz take over in Frankenstein and She's a Beast.

By the time the record hits track nine, however, it begins to drag, sometimes painfully. I'm a Believer employs that over-used power pop rock formula that conjured hits way back when. Happy Birthday sadly falls into the category of album filler; the song's inclusion was awkward and unnecessary.

But have no fear! Kravitz provides a stunning cover of The Miracles' Ooo Baby Baby as the closer. The punchy update he gives to the timeless classic sounds very fitting.

Age ain't nothing but a number. Lenny Kravitz won't just tell listener, he'll show them.

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Grade: ***

Available: now

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***** Can you marry a thing that's not a person?

**** Silver medals are still cool.

*** Nobody's perfect.

** Its mom still loves it.

* No. Just, no.