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Published Oct. 6, 2014

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said Friday that he had asked officials to reconsider a new security measure that segregates Muslim women who wear face veils from other visitors to Parliament House. The government department that runs Parliament House announced Thursday that "persons with facial coverings" would no longer be allowed in the open public galleries of the House of Representatives or the Senate. They would be directed to galleries usually reserved for noisy school children where they could sit behind sound-proof glass. The measure has been criticized as a potential breach of federal antidiscrimination law that had dubious benefit. Security has increased since the government stepped up a terror warning last month in response to supporters of the Islamic State.

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A California man whose pit bulls mauled a woman to death last year was sentenced Friday to 15 years to life in prison. Judge Lisa Chung of Los Angeles County Superior Court sentenced Alex Donald Jackson, 31, in the death of Pamela Devitt, 63. Jackson's rare second-degree murder conviction in a dog mauling came after he repeatedly ignored complaints about his dogs from horseback riders, neighbors and a postman. Prosecutors said he was well aware of the danger they posed and did nothing about it. Devitt hardly stood a chance when four of the dogs leaped over Jackson's fence and attacked her on the home stretch of her walk in the high desert town of Littlerock in May 2013. The dogs were put down.