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Published Oct. 6, 2014

WILLIAM R. LEVESQUE ("Silent treatment," Page 8), who joined the Times in 1994, covers MacDill Air Force Base and the Department of Veterans Affairs. His award-winning work includes an investigation into the USSCalhoun County, whose sailors dumped radioactive waste at sea for 15 years.

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LANE DEGREGORY ("Where did peace and quiet go?," Page 16) has a knack for finding stories in her own car. She wrote about her son getting his driver's license in Floridian in December 2012.

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Former Times intern TAYLOR GOLDENSTEIN ("Their treasure is the hunt's thrills," Page 14) found a shiny nugget of a story when she was wandering Clearwater Beach. She's now mining for stories at the Los Angeles Times.

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JOHN PENDYGRAFT ("Paint, prayer in lieu of promise," Page 13) is always on the hunt for cool shoes, but he had no idea the story he would find when he walked into Geary Taylor's store on Central Avenue.