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Twin Peaks is returning with limited series on Showtime (yes, really!)

Michelle Stark, Times Staff Writer

Monday, October 6, 2014 1:18pm

Grab a cup of damn good coffee: Twin Peaks, the surreal and now cultishly beloved drama that ran for two kooky seasons on ABC way back in the early '90s, is being resurrected by Showtime. It joins an ever-growing list of shows that died too early and were subsequently brought back to life, a list that includes cult faves like Arrested Development and HBO's The Comeback.

Since its initial run in 1990-1991, the supernatural/mystery drama has become a phenomenon, inspiring rabid fandom and obsession over every inscrutable twist and turn. On Monday, Peaks creator David Lynch announced via Twitter that the show will be returning via a nine-episode limited series. The new iteration will be set in present day, decades after the investigation into Laura Palmer's murder in the weirdest small town ever.

The best part? Original creators Lynch and Mark Frost are behind the whole thing, which will run for nine episodes some time in 2016. That's the year the show turns 25. We'll pause to allow you to contemplate your mortality.

Lynch and Frost will write the episodes and Lynch is set to direct every single one. It's pretty much the most ideal scanario ever for Peaks fanatics. (If you're not yet one, it's your lucky day: You can watch the entire thing on Netflix.)

A cast hasn't been confirmed, but we're crossing our fingers star Kyle MacLachlan as FBI Agent Dale Cooper is involved. Also hoping that, maybe, Lynch and Frost can answer some of those lingering questions we've had for the past 20 years.