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Here's the corruption ad that really upsets team Charlie Crist

Adam C. Smith, Times Political Editor

Wednesday, October 8, 2014 8:49am

The state GOP has a new ad calling Charlie Crist "a corrupt politician," pointing to assorted top Crist political allies - Jim Greer, Scott Rothstein, Alan Mendelsohn- who wound up behind bars.

The Crist campaign's lawyer, Mark Herron, responded with a letter to TV stations urging them not to run it because it is false:

...The claims in the ad have been deemed "false" and "misleading" by media outlets, including the Miami Herald, the Tampa Bay Times, and PolitiFact. The ad falsely suggests that Charlie Crist was a part of the illegal activities of the people named in the ad, a claim that has been repeatedly refuted by multiple media outlets. Further, the "fraud case" to which the ad refers is actually a lawsuit brought by Rick Scott himself, who has hired an attorney who was once Rothstein's "mentor," according to the Miami Herald.

The Crist campaign would strongly urge you to refrain from airing this advertisement, because it is blatantly false and misleading. Further, the Crist campaign requests that you remove it from your broadcast schedule and reject efforts by the RPOF to purchase any additional time to broadcast this advertisement....

We'll leave it to PolitiFact to judge whether the literal language suggests Crist was direcly involved in criminal activities, but overall it strikes us as more than fair to question Charlie Crist's judgement given the number of top political allies and money-raisers he leaned on who wound up behind bars.