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Published Oct. 8, 2014

BEIRUT, Lebanon - The Lebanese Shiite militant group Hezbollah claimed responsibility for an explosion Tuesday in a disputed area along the border with Israel that wounded two Israeli soldiers.

The attack ended months of relative quiet on the border, where a cease-fire has largely held since Israel fought a monthlong war against Hezbollah in 2006.

Israel responded with artillery fire toward two Hezbollah positions in southern Lebanon, according to the Israeli military. The military said that two blasts had occurred, but that the second caused no injuries.

Hezbollah's Al Manar channel said the group had detonated an explosive device in Shebaa Farms, a disputed area that Lebanon considers occupied by Israel and that is also claimed by Syria. Israel said the bombs had been placed on the Israeli-controlled side of the border line.

Hezbollah did not cite a reason for the attack but noted that it was carried out by a unit named after "the martyr Hassan Ali Haidar." Haidar was a Hezbollah military operative who was killed in September when an Israeli drone detonated a spying device he was dismantling in the southern coastal town of Adloun, Lebanese news media reported. The attack also occurred on the 14th anniversary of the abduction by Hezbollah of three Israeli soldiers from the same area in 2000. The three were killed either during the attack or in captivity; their bodies were returned to Israel as part of a prisoner exchange in 2004.