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The Walking Dead will be stumbling back across our screens for Season 5 on Sunday, so until then we want to give you something to chew on.

Thanks to tb-two* interviewing the cast and creators of the show at San Diego Comic Con in August, here are 10 memorable teasers about the new season.

1 "I'm hoping for a threesome."- Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) joking about his goals for his character's relationships with Carol and Beth

2 "There are going to be episodes that are vastly different; there are going to be times when you're watching Season 5 and going 'What is this show?' 'This is crazy! I cannot believe they're doing this!' But that's what we're after." - Creator Robert Kirkman on the show's new feel. (Rather than just trying to survive, like in previous seasons, the characters will be embarking on the much-alluded-to mission to Washington.)

3 "That might've been Judith - I couldn't ID Judith in a lineup! We might've seen Rick with a baby, but not the baby. Could just be a sack of potatoes." - Show-runner Scott M. Gimple and Steven Yeun (Glenn) trying to throw viewers off the scent of a brief Rick/Judith moment in the Season 5 trailer

4 "I think he's made peace with all of it. It's just 'humanity is in me as much as brutality' and he realizes that they're both just as important, and probably why he is still here and his family is still here. ... He's a very formidable leader as a result; it's great." - Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) on his character dealing with his personal demons

5 "The script was not like, 'Okay, so Beth and Daryl are totally gonna hook up' ... but when I watched the episode I felt like, 'Aw, I kind of wanted that.' " - Executive producer Greg Nicotero validating the thoughts of every Bethyl shipper

6 "It's not like this season we're gonna try something totally different because it wouldn't make sense; like if I went in the train car and came out like with a six-pack, with my shirt off, it wouldn't make any sense." - Reedus crushing the hopes and dreams of female viewers 'round the world

7 "I don't subscribe to the idea that if you're playing a moody psychotic lunatic that you have to be a moody psychotic lunatic to everybody on set; I think that that's a way of avoiding manners, frankly." - Lincoln, on maintaining a positive work environment

8 "There's no ego involved in what he does, so if someone wants to come up with a plan and the plan fits with what he needs to have done, we'll do that. There's nothing that says he has to be necessarily in charge, as long as he's doing what he has to do." - Michael Cudlitz (Abraham Ford) discussing how his character will work with the reunited group

9 "I think that time apart has actually defined each of them in a way that's going to be really great for people to see this season - we can be partners, but it's not a co-dependence." "I think they still hold onto the fact that things can work out in spite of the terrible circumstances they find themselves in. They're holding hope, but that line between whether you're thinking foolhardy and whether it's real is often very blurred." - Lauren Cohan and Yeun on Maggie and Glenn

10 "The first (question) is obviously 'Are we gonna die?,' the second one is 'Do we get laid?' " - Lincoln sharing what the actors always want to know from the writers room. (He quickly realized this may have been unfit for his onscreen-son, 15-year-old Chandler Riggs, and covered his ears, but too late. Riggs cheekily responded, "Hey, I wanna know, too!")

Liz Tsourakis, a former student editor of tb-two* and a 2014 graduate of Hillsborough High, is a freshman at Barnard College.

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