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The attorney for Florida QB Treon Harris says he is not guilty.

The attorney representing Florida freshman quarterback Treon Harris ramped up his defense Thursday, portraying the accuser in a sexual assault complaint as the "sexual aggressor."

Prominent Gainesville defense attorney Huntley Johnson issued a statement "in an attempt to help clarify the circumstances surrounding the investigation of Treon Harris."

In the three-page statement, Johnson says the accuser initiated contact with Harris while the quarterback was still in the locker room after rallying the Gators to a comeback victory over Tennessee in Knoxville on Saturday.

Johnson says the two had socialized and exchanged cellphone numbers previously and that after Harris returned from Knoxville "they were smiling and holding hands" before returning to Harris' room at the Springs Residential Complex on the UF campus.

The statement also says another individual has said he had sexual relations with the accuser "less than an hour before the alleged sexual conduct" with Harris early Sunday morning.

"We have previously indicated that we do not believe that Mr. Harris will be arrested or prosecuted," Johnson said. "That is because of our experience and the facts of this case. He is not guilty of a crime, and he did not mistreat this young lady in any way that night."

Much of the information in Johnson's statement is similar to that reported by the Tampa Bay Times on Tuesday night, including that the pair socialized after the football team returned from Knoxville, visited multiple locations and returned to the Springs Residence Hall. As the Times reported, police have collected evidence from Harris' room at the Springs, Johnson's statement said.

The woman accused Harris on Sunday afternoon of sexual assault. The 18-year-old from Miami has not been charged with a crime but was indefinitely suspended from the football program Monday. The woman has not retained an attorney.

"Misstatements in the media to date have painted a picture that is inconsistent with the evidence," Johnson said. "That said, we have fully cooperated with this investigation.

"Mr. Harris agreed to a search of his dorm room. Mr. Harris agreed to a search of his phone. Mr. Harris gave a voluntary statement to law enforcement. We have turned over at least six eyewitnesses to the events in questions to law enforcement. We have turned over the text messages to law enforcement.

"We have suggested to law enforcement multiple locations from which they should secure video surveillance. We have provided law enforcement with information gathered from the Internet that this young woman posted on Sunday, after the alleged misconduct, where she is smiling and happy. There is no indication of any physical or mental trauma."

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