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Published Nov. 30, 2021|Updated Nov. 30, 2021

The entire 29-part series plus a few extras are available as they appeared in the then-St. Petersburg Times.

The Beach

Prologue: A tale of trust, betrayal and redemption.

Mick and Jane

Chapter 1: Jane learns of Mick’s illness.

Tests for Jane

Chapter 2: Jane realizes her life may be in danger.

Stupid Little Games

Chapter 3: Jane struggles to protect her children.

The Cruel World

Chapter 4: Jane wonders about her husband’s secret.

Dreams to Ashes

Chapter 5: Jane’s honeymoon ends quickly.

The Heart Land

Chapter 6: Their young marriage offers such promise.

Love Never Fails

Chapter 7: Their lives are changed in Rio de Janeiro.

Once Is Enough

Chapter 8: Mick’s colleagues believe he is straight and faithful.

The Samba School

Chapter 9: At Carnaval time in Rio, sex is in the air.

Sticks and Stones

Chapter 10: Brazil offers a distinctive form of gay culture.

Party of One

Chapter 11: Jane struggles against Mick’s romantic indifference.

The Rumor Mill

Chapter 12: A rumor spreads about Mick’s illness.

Over Troubled Waters

Chapter 13: Mick and Jane leave Brazil for Spain.

Jane in Spain

Chapter 14: Mick’s medical records are revealing.

Ace of Spades

Chapter 15: The children learn their father’s secret.

States of Grace

Chapter 16: Jane needs another AIDS test.

The White Horse

Chapter 17: Jane’s future is revealed in a dream.

The Magic Kingdom

Chapter 18: Jane finds refuge in St. Petersburg.

Signs of Life

Chapter 19: Jane goes to work for a cancer and AIDS doctor.

Fear of AIDS

Chapter 20: A new man enters Jane’s life.

Jane in Love

Chapter 21: Jane shares her secret with John.

Care and Sympathy

Chapter 22: Mick returns for Christmas.

The Christmas Video

Chapter 23: Mick finds a moment of peace.

This Old Man

Chapter 24: Jane fails to recognize a strange, old man.

The Silver Bell

Chapter 25: Jane’s aunt and uncle come to the rescue.

Permission to Die

Chapter 26: After a long struggle, Mick takes his leave.

In The Closet

Chapter 27: Mick is remembered.

One Last Time

Chapter 28: Jane takes one final AIDS test.

The Good Father

Final chapter: Jane finds life after Mick.

The Dance

Epilogue: Jane finds her strength.

‘Three Little Words’ series draws praise

Favorable letters to the editor.

‘Three Little Words’ series raises ire

Unfavorable letters to the editor.

Joy and renewal

Jane reflects on the impact of AIDS and the series on her life.