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Are you a parent of a teen with a Facebook account? You should read this

Is Facebook still cool with teenagers? I honestly don't know. I know my 14-year-old daughter still occasionally asks my wife and I to let her have one, even though she knows what the answer will be. But it has been a while …

Regardless, Facebook has announced some important changes to their privacy policy that parents should be aware of, if their kids have accounts.

1: While Facebook has long prevented 13- to 17-year-olds from making their status updates public (as opposed to sharing them only with friends or friends of friends), they now will be permitted to make their posts public. That means they'll be shared with the world at large, vastly expanding the reach of their social network circle to include complete strangers.

2: Facebook is also letting teens turn on the Follow feature, meaning strangers can subscribe to their status updates and see any and all they make public.

Caitlin McGarry reports on the news for TechHive ("Teens' public Facebook posts are guaranteed to cause controversy"), with an eye toward why Facebook would want to make such a move. Parents with teens who use Facebook should get familiar with the company's Minors & Privacy FAQ and Family Safety Center.