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Life of the Party podcast: A guide to Disney’s Star Wars land

It’s about to get real in Orlando. Here’s what to know.

Who wants to argue about what Ewoks are doing on Tatooine?

Probably a lot of people, to be honest. It’s most likely why the creators of Disney’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opted to create a new world that has never before existed in the Star Wars universe.

People will still argue, though, and we’re ready to explain. The sprawling Star Wars land, an attraction almost identical to the one already launched at Disneyland in California, is opening at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando on Aug. 29. It’s gonna be a hot one!

Theme park reporter Sharon Kennedy Wynne joins us for a sneak peek of the madness, with tips, tricks and eyewitness accounts. She has been behind the construction walls and seen the thing in progress. Sharon, and the Jonas Brothers. It’s very elite. She also tells us about the time her phone melted while taking live video footage of Buzz Lightyear.

Plus, we celebrate love with a celebrity couple roundup and debate the best temperature in the house.

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