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Barrel-Aged Ramble Tamble, Wild Rover Brewing Co.

The Tampa brewery’s American wheatwine spends some time in bourbon barrels.

It’s that time of year, filled with feasts and festivities, all of which call for some hefty beer to come along for the ride. Fall seasonal brews are all over the map, but they’re typically big, hearty and bold, and the latest from Tampa’s Wild Rover Brewing Company is no exception.

Ramble Tamble, Wild Rover’s American wheatwine — a relative of barleywine brewed with at least 50 percent malted wheat — has been featured previously in the brewery’s tasting room, but a new version hit the taps this month.

The new Barrel-Aged Ramble Tamble spent time resting in bourbon barrels from St. Petersburg’s Horse Soldier Bourbon, adding another layer to the beer’s already dense flavor profile. Along with rich notes of candied fruit, sweet malt and a light bready quality comes thick notes of vanilla, caramel and toffee from the Horse Soldier barrels.

Some light barrel oxidation is present, giving the smorgasbord of flavors a rounded, well-blended quality that prevents the brew from becoming overwhelming. It’s hard to believe that this beer, which never veers into outright boozy territory, is a massive 12 percent alcohol by volume.

That’s the joy of barrel-aging for you.

You’ll want to get your hands on this one fairly quick, as Barrel-Aged Ramble Tamble is a limited release, available only at the Wild Rover tasting room. Have a look at the restaurant’s menu while you’re there — this one is not for empty stomachs.