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Festivus: Submit your top complaints about life in 2019

Air your grievances. We’ll publish them, so the world can do better in 2020.

What did strangers, your loved ones and businesses do that really annoyed you this year? Tell us your top complaints about 2019, and we’ll publish them in our fourth annual Festivus airing of grievances.

It has been two decades since Dan O’Keefe wrote the classic 1997 Seinfeld episode The Strike, featuring character Frank Costanza (the brilliant Jerry Stiller) and his made-up, anti-consumerism holiday Festivus. A quick scan of Facebook events shows people across the U.S. are still celebrating in real life, including this public Festivus party at Brew Bus Brewing in Tampa.

If you’re not familiar, this video is a good primer, and has the details, history and an official Festivus book. The basics, however, include: an unadorned metal pole (Frank finds tinsel distracting), and — most importantly — the airing of grievances, when people share complaints from the preceding year. As Costanza so elegantly shouted it: “I got a lot of problems with you people, and now you’re gonna hear about it!"

What’s your top complaint for 2019? Did your sports team blow its playoff hopes in some epic way? Did you reach a breaking point with a food trend? (Looking at you, celery juice.) Did the networks cancel your favorite show? Maybe you had a first date from hell, your pet destroyed your home or your co-worker’s lunch stunk up the office. It doesn’t matter where you live, submit your complaints via the form below or to Need inspiration? Here are some examples from past years:

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