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Big names might sign on to ‘Blair Witch’ director’s local web series

The writers behind 'Underworld’ and ‘Final Destination’ want to be involved in Dan Myrick’s production.

PLANT CITY — Cameras started rolling this week for The Blair Witch Project director Dan Myrick’s locally produced web series titled Black Veil.

The crew spent five days in Plant City shooting the pilot episode that features Sally Kirkland, who was nominated for an Oscar and won a Golden Globe in 1988 for the movie Anna.

When the production reconvenes in six to eight weeks to film the rest of the series, it might have some horror-genre heavy hitters working alongside Myrick.

“Daniel McBride who wrote Underworld is interested in doing an episode with us,” Myrick said. “And Jeffrey Reddick who is a good friend of mine wants to get involved. We are working on deals now.”

Reddick is the writer who launched the Final Destination franchise. Both are interested in writing and directing an episode.

“These guys have ideas of their own,” Myrick said. “Now we figure out how we take their concepts and incorporate them” into Black Veil.

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The web series will total six 15-minute episodes with “Southern gothic-themed" horror stories, Myrick said. Each will work as a standalone tale but can also connect into one 90-minute story.

“A black-veiled woman has a presence in all of these episodes,” Myrick said. “You’ll catch Easter Eggs in each that, if you piece together in the end, tie everything together.”

Director Dan Myrick, left, and scripts supervisor Sabrina Miller look on a monitor during the filming of "Black Veil" in downtown Plant City. [ Times (2019) ]

The web series’ pilot is titled Camera Obscura and, according to Myrick, follows a young woman who “comes into contact with a haunted vintage camera that reveals past childhood trauma that she is forced to contend with.”

Scenes were filmed throughout Plant City, including in McCall Park and outside the State Theatre.

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“Plant City provides the backdrop for some of our most unique locations, but finding a project that is the right fit can sometimes prove difficult," Hillsborough County film commissioner Tyler Martinolich said. "Black Veil, with its emphasis on rural Southern charm, was the exact puzzle piece we were looking for.”

Myrick directed the pilot of Black Veil, written by Chris Pickenpaugh.

“Dan brings an excited energy to set," film commissioner Martinolich said. "It’s clear he enjoys what he does, and that creativity and joy spreads to the rest of the crew.”

At the outset, the series was going to be mostly based out of Ybor City, where Myrick’s Power Station production is located, tying in the Latin District’s history.

"The Blair Witch Project" director Dan Myrick directs a locally produced web series titled "Black Veil" on location in Plant City. [ OCTAVIO JONES | Times ]

Two episodes will still be shot “in and around” Ybor, Myrick said, but, as with any film project, things change as the scripts are finalized.

Black Veil taps into a lot of the Southern culture of Florida in general,” he said. “But we still want to get more into an Ybor specific theme with our" Lost in Ybor feature film to be made later.

The Lost in Ybor plot is still a secret.

Power Station’s first production, the feature-length movie Erwin, was set to begin filming Jan. 13. It has been postponed a few months due to a scheduling conflict with the lead actor. That movie is written and directed by Tampa native-turned-Los Angeles transplant Ali Scher. It’s about a 12-year-old-girl who invents a popularity serum that flips the high school hierarchy on its head.

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Scripts supervisor Sabrina Miller, left, gaffer David Cook and director Dan Myrick work on the set of "Black Veil" in downtown Plant City. [ OCTAVIO JONES | Times ]