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Bored? Try Florida social distancing neighborhood scavenger hunt bingo

Coronavirus means lots of walks near home. Here are some things to look for.

Are you tired of walking aimlessly around your Florida neighborhood because there’s nothing else to do while under safer-at-home orders except eat pasta from the strainer and play Animal Crossing?

A neighborhood scavenger hunt might spice up your stroll.

We’ve put together a bingo board of things you’re likely to spot in your Tampa Bay neighborhood during the current pandemic, but also any other time.

It’s a game you can play with the people in your household, while you’re making detours off the sidewalk to avoid neighbors you’ve spotted heading your direction from two blocks away.

Six feet, please!

And “Florida Social Distancing Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt Bingo” doesn’t require you to venture far from home. (You. Are. Safer. There.) You may have seen the teddy bear scavenger hunts going on across the country, but this one doesn’t require cooperative neighbors.

Print our bingo board out, or save the paper and look at it on your phone, as you’re scanning your neighborhood for invasive brown anoles (or the native green ones), Christmas decorations that haven’t been taken down yet and novelty mailboxes shaped like fish.

The Florida Social Distancing Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt Bingo board. [ Tampa Bay Times; Associated Press; Uber; Seminole Heights Neighborhood Association ]

Find a full-size version of the bingo board here.