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Podcast giant Joe Rogan coming to Tampa’s Amalie Arena

The controversial but influential comic will bring his new standup tour to town in August.
Comic and podcaster Joe Rogan in a scene from his Netflix special "Joe Rogan: Triggered." [Miikka Skaffari/Netflix]

Marc Maron just came to Tampa. Seems like a good time for another podcast comedy king, Joe Rogan, to follow suit.

Rogan, the controversial yet influential comic, actor and host of the phenomenally popular Joe Rogan Experience podcast, is bringing his new standup tour to Tampa’s Amalie Arena on Aug. 14. Tickets are $35.75 and up. Click here for details.

The fact that a podcaster is able to headline Amalie Arena should tell you something about how far Rogan has come since his days on NewsRadio and Fear Factor. Since launching in 2009, The Joe Rogan Experience has booked a diverse array of guests from Hollywood and beyond, from Robert Downey Jr., Mel Gibson and Elon Musk to figures like Richard Dawkins, Jordan Peterson and Gavin McInnes.

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Rogan’s choice of guests and eagerness to discuss topics ranging from the controversial to the toxic (or at least toxic-adjacent) have made him a polarizing political figure. Bernie Sanders spent an hour on his show last summer, which led the Libertarian-leaning Rogan to endorse Sanders for president in 2020. That led some on the left to urge Sanders to reject Rogan’s (potentially impactful) endorsement over the comic’s history of transphobic and xenophobic jokes and comments.

Regardless, The Joe Rogan Experience remains one of the world’s most downloaded podcasts, so much so that there’s every chance his Amalie Arena show could sell out. He has, in fact, also booked a show at Orlando’s Amway Center on Aug. 15.

Two shows in Florida during the dog days of the presidential election? Rogan might well find a few things to say about that.