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Holiday gift guide: Go artsy at Tampa Bay’s many museum stores

Sunday is Museum Store Sunday, with discounts on everything from ornaments to local art to high-end jewelry to handbags.
The store at the Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg. [MARTHA ASENCIO-RHINE  |  Times]
The store at the Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg. [MARTHA ASENCIO-RHINE | Times]
Published Nov. 26, 2019
Updated Nov. 26, 2019

Since Tampa Bay is so rich with art museums, why not do your holiday shopping in a museum store? They’re a great resource for unusual gifts, art, jewelry, books and holiday decor. Plus, Sunday is the international shopping holiday Museum Store Sunday, so there will be plenty of discounts to score. And while you don’t have to pay admission to visit the shops, make a day of it and look at some art.

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255 Beach Drive NE. (727) 896-2667.

Museum Store Sunday deal: 25 percent off all purchases.

Bug brooches and appliques: In the spirit of “The Grasshopper and the Ant” exhibition, which uses dried insects, the shop is carrying these vintage-style bug brooches by Sixton London. There’s also a line of bags embellished with the bug brooches and appliques.

Sixton London bug brooches and appliques, $30. [Courtesy of the Museum of Fine Arts]

Bob Ross stuff: The Unemployed Philosophers Guild product line of Bob Ross items reminds us that there are no mistakes, only happy accidents.

The Unemployed Philosophers Guild product line of Bob Ross items, “The Official Bob Ross Coloring Book: The Colors of the Four Seasons,” $16.95; Self-Painting Mug, $16; the Joy of Bathing with Bob Ross soap, $5; Sticky Notes, $8; and Thunder Bay Press Bob Ross Quote Cards, $9.99. [MARTHA ASENCIO-RHINE | Times]

High-end handbags: Wendy Stevens stainless steel and leather handbags aren’t sold anywhere else in the area.

Wendy Stevens stainless steel and leather handbags: Lotus Bas smoke finish, $945; Ellipse wristlet $675; and Lilium wristlet with strap, $440. [MARTHA ASENCIO-RHINE | Times]

Bee-related items: With thousands of honeybees in its rooftop apiary, there are a variety of bee-related items in the MFA Store, from books to mugs to plush toys.

“Turn This Book Into A Beehive! And 19th Other Experiments and Activities That Explore the Amazing World of Bees,” $19.95; Jellycat London stuffed bee, $18; "The Honeybee," $17.99; bee mug, $18; “Beekeeping: A Seasonal Guide,” $17.95; “The Asheville Bee Charmer Cookbook,” $21.95. [MARTHA ASENCIO-RHINE | Times]

Puzzles: Art-inspired large puzzles, ranging from 300 pieces to a whopping 9,000, are a top seller.

Art-inspired large puzzles range from $18 to $145. [Courtesy of the Museum of Fine Arts]


1 Dalí Blvd. (Bayshore Drive and Fifth Ave. SE), St. Petersburg. (727) 823-3767.

Museum Store Sunday deal: Many items are 20 percent off. Spend $50 or more and get a free tote bag.

Ruby lips pin: Dalí designed the original brooch in 1949 with the actor Mae West in mind. With ruby red Australian crystal-encrusted lips and faux pearls for teeth, this piece of jewelry drips with character.

Mae West-inspired Ruby Lips Pin, $250. [Courtesy of the Dali Museum]

Dalí tarot deck box set: First published in a limited-edition series in 1984 that had been long sold out, the box set includes all 78 full color cards of the deck, as well as a companion book that describes the making process and instructions.

Dali Tarot Deck, $60. [Courtesy of the Dali Museum]

Dalí clock ornament: This stocking stuffer pays homage to Dalí's famous painting, The Persistence of Memory, and diehard Dalí fans can hang it up all year round.

Dali Clock ornament, $12.95. [Courtesy of the Dali Museum]

Eye of time pin/watch: Time is a pervading theme in Dalí's work, referenced again in this blingy piece that can be worn as a brooch or a pendant but functions as a watch with Swiss time.

Eye of Time pin/watch, $495. [Courtesy of the Dali Museum]


120 Gasparilla Plaza. (813) 274-8130.

Museum Store Sunday deal: 20 percent off storewide.

MoMA Design Store LED trees: These holiday decorations add festivity and twinkly light to a room, from the Museum of Modern Art’s legendary design store.

MoMA Design Store LED trees, $25-$42. [Courtesy of the Tampa Museum of Art]

Nick Mayer holiday cards: Whether a boxed set or individual cards, Mayer’s coastal designs are perfect for Florida Christmas cheer.

Confetti LED trees: They also light up and add a colorful touch to a holiday tablescape.

Marcia Moran gold-fill disc necklace: Simple, elegant and versatile, this piece looks more expensive than it is.

Nick Mayer holiday boxed note cards, $19.50; Nick Mayer individual cards, $4.25; confetti LED trees, $15-$24; Marcia Moran gold-fill disc necklace, $90. [Courtesy of the Tampa Museum of Art]

Glass confetti trays: Artist Karen Ehart’s sleek trays are stylish repositories chic enough to leave empty.

Teal holiday balls: The richness of the ornaments’ color would make a stunning monochromatic holiday scheme.

Chill pill ornament: This cheeky item reminds us that at some point we’ve all needed to chill and just laugh about life.

Gold-plated coin bracelet: A timeless classic that evokes the museum’s collection of antiquities.

Karen Ehart glass confetti trays, $20-$40; teal holiday ball, $3.95; metallic bowl, $80; chill pill ornament, $4.95; gold-plated coin bracelet, $48; white LED confetti trees, $20-$24. [Courtesy of the Tampa Museum of Art]

Handcrafted Haitian objects: These stunners arrived with the timing of the museum’s exhibit of Haitian Vodou flags, “Sacred Diagrams.”

Handcrafted Haitian heart clutch, $55; snake purse, $35; and sequin box, $20. [Courtesy of the Tampa Museum of Art]


150 Central Ave., St. Petersburg. (727) 892-4200.

Museum Store Day deal: Free doughnuts, pastries and coffee.

Handcrafted flutes: Musicians will appreciate the fine tuning of the instruments in maple or cherry by Chippewa artist Tim Blueflint.

Hand-carved fetishes: Crafted by Todd Westika of the Zuni tribe, who studied geological engineering and imbues good thoughts into the fetishes, believed to have a spirit.

Handcrafted flutes in maple or cherry by Chippewa artist Tim Blueflint, $330-$880; hand-carved fetishes by Todd Westika of the Zuni tribe, $45-$170. [Courtesy of the James Museum]

Pottery: These original pots by Santa Clara Pueblo potter Gwen Tafoya are decorated with excised floral designs and studded with genuine turquoise.

One-of-a-kind pieces by Santa Clara Pueblo potter Gwen Tafoya, $825-$1,300. [Courtesy of the James Museum]

Native American crafts: From dream catchers to hand-thrown pottery to artifact re-creations, the store stocks a wide selection of items created by Native American craftspeople.

A selection of items created by Native American craftspeople. From dream catchers to hand-thrown pottery to artifact recreations, $4.95-$74.95. [Courtesy of the James Museum]

Authentic Western hats: Men and women can don the woven straw hats, perfect for Florida’s climate.

Sterling and turquoise bracelet: Made with imported Golden Hill turquoise, this chunky piece serves natural flair.

Exclusive tote bag: Featuring the image of Billy Schenck’s painting Oh You Want to See My Guns, on display in the museum, this bag is wearable art.

Authentic Western hats of woven straw for men and women, $37.95-$80; sterling and turquoise bracelet, $825; exclusive tote bag featuring the art of Billy Schenck, $27.95. [Courtesy of the James Museum]

Handcrafted ornaments: Using a cactus as a Christmas tree is a unique way to showcase the colorful baubles.

Handcrafted ornaments, $10–$17.95. [Courtesy of the James Museum]


5401 Bay Shore Road, Sarasota. (941) 359-5700.

Museum Store Sunday deal: The first 25 visitors to spend $25 or more get a free gift.

Elliptical desk mobile: This Calder-esque mobile is by Ekko Workshop, an art design studio that creates large-scale custom mobiles and kinetic sculpture in Portland, Ore.

Elliptical desktop mobile, $63. [Courtesy of the Ringling Museum]

Circus story box: Since the Ringling campus is also home to its Circus Museum, the museum store is heavy on the theme, including this cute painted wooden box that inspires imagination.

Circus Story Box, $30. [Courtesy of the Ringling Museum]

Statement necklace: This eye-catcher from Italianissimo is made by Murano glass artists in Italy.

Disco 2 Murano Glass Necklace, $75. [Courtesy of the Ringling Museum]


1901 Central Ave., St. Petersburg. (727) 300-1700.

Museum Store Sunday Deal: Free gift with purchases over $25.

Peppermint candy glass choker: This festive lampwork necklace looks sweet enough to eat and was made by KJK Jewelry.

KJK Jewelry peppermint candy lampwork glass choker, $58. [Courtesy of Imagine Museum]

Tyrannosaurus Rex DNA activity kit: This high-tech toy uses augmented reality to dig up a glow-in-the-dark dinosaur skeleton, collect its DNA and rebuild a life-sized dinosaur.

Tyrannosaurus Rex DNA activity kit, $29.95. [Courtesy of Imagine Museum]

Secret Santa ornaments: 2019 feels like a pastel Christmas, and these Santa ornaments by Glass Eye Studio are right on trend.

Glass Eye Studio secret Santa ornament, $35. [Courtesy of Imagine Museum]


720 Central Ave., St. Petersburg. (727) 896-4527.

Museum Store Sunday deal: Present a receipt from the Banyan Cafe in the Morean Arts Center and get a 10 percent discount in the museum store, with the exception of Chihuly licensed items. The discount also applies to the gift shop in the Morean Arts Center and the Morean Glass Shop.

Handmade cup and saucer and rice bowl: Local artist Alicia Diem applies a rim of 22-karat gold to her cup. Diem’s frequent collaborator Paul Hoagland’s rice bowl is meant to complement the set, which can be purchased as a trio.

Ceramic cup and saucer with 22-karat gold rim by artist Alicia Diem, $49; complementary rice bowl by collaborator Paul Hoagland, $39; $88 for the trio. [Courtesy of the Chihuly Collection]

Ceramics by Don and Cristina Williams: The St. Petersburg artists combine Don’s award-winning form work and Cristina’s painterly gifts.

Ceramics from Don and Cristina Williams: large vase featuring Florida palm tree in silhouette, $42; dragonfly vase, $39. [Courtesy of the Chihuly Collection]

Chihuly scarves: The half-cashmere, half-silk blend is rectangular in shape, detailed with a Chihuly logo and eyelash fringe, and comes in four patterns.

Chihuly Scarf: $160, more patterns available. [Courtesy of the Chihuly Collection]

Wooden Trinket: This intricate piece by Claire McCauley looks wooden but is actually porcelain. The artist in residence at the Morean Center for Clay is influenced by illustrative storytelling and the natural world.

“Wooden Trinket” porcelain art piece by Claire McCauley, $375. [Courtesy of the Chihuly Collection]

Debbie Stone Jewelry: Handcrafted by the self-taught artist, Stone mixes Murano glass, imperial jasper, freshwater pearls, vintage faux pearls, hand-cast toggles, vermeil and sterling silver.

Necklaces by Debbie Stone Jewelry, $300. [Courtesy of the Chihuly Collection]


600 E Klosterman Road, Tarpon Springs. (727) 712-5762.

Museum Store Sunday deal: 10 percent off storewide. Buy a gift membership for someone and receive a free tote bag.

The Unemployed Philosophers Guild pins: Fun stocking stuffers of cultural icons, including Mister Rogers and his trolley and Vincent van Gogh with his ear.

The Unemployed Philosophers Guild Pins, $16.99. [Courtesy of the Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art.]

Magnetic action sets: Kids and kids at heart will enjoy creating adventures with these sets. There is also a Mister Rogers magnetic dressup set.

Magnetic dressup sets, $16.99. [Courtesy of the Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art]

Handwoven beaded bracelets: These intricately woven bracelets feel light as a feather on the wrist.

Handwoven beaded bracelets, $45 and up. [Courtesy of the Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art]


800 E Palmetto St., Lakeland. (863) 688-7743.

Museum Store Sunday deal: The first five shoppers get free Polk Museum of Art memberships. The first 20 shoppers get a mystery gift bag. All members get 25 percent off purchases. Nonmembers get $5 off $25, $10 off $50, and $20 off $100. All shoppers will be entered to win four adult tour tickets from the Polk Museum of Art and the Frank Lloyd Wright Visitors Center ($220 value), and a mystery prize will be announced the day before Museum Store Sunday on Instagram at @theshopatpma.

Great Modern Artists Espresso Set: Frida, Andy, Dalí, Picasso and other famous modern artists are rendered by Andy Tuohy on bone china.

Fine Modern Artists espresso set designed by artist Andy Tuohy, $35. [Courtesy of the Polk Museum of Art]

Artists and their Pets: Because who wouldn’t want to hear the stories about famous artists and their beloved critters?

"Artists and Their Pets," $14.95. [Courtesy of the Polk Museum of Art]

Art history hero action figures: Everyone needs a little Frida or Vincent in their lives.

Art History Hero action figures, $30. [Courtesy of the Polk Museum of Art]

Calligraphy kit: In a world where handwriting is becoming obsolete, this kit for all skill levels could help preserve a dying art.

Calligraphy kit for all levels, $44. [Courtesy of the Polk Museum of Art]

Amethyst mermaid necklace and earrings: Orlando-based artist Claudia Nodarse incorporates raw and polished amethyst, a carved resin mermaid pendant and actual coral that has been coated in copper.

Claudia Nodarse's amethyst mermaid necklace, $295; matching earrings, $80. [Courtesy of the Polk Museum of Art]


  1. Pablo Picasso's scene design for Pulcinella is part of the "Art of the Stage: Picasso to Hockney" exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg, which will open on Jan. 25. [Courtesy of Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg]
    ‘Art of the Stage’ opens at the Museum of Fine Arts and the Tampa Museum of Art opens ‘White Gold,’ plus Art Festival Beth-El returns.
  2. Photographer Griff Davis captured the first meeting of Vice President Richard Nixon and Martin Luther King, Jr. and their wives, Patricia Nixon and Coretta Scott King, on Independence Day in Accra, Ghana on March 7, 1957. [Courtesy of Griffith J. Davis Photographs & Archives]
    A famed photographer captured Martin Luther King Jr. and Nixon in a conversation that was incendiary at the time.
  3. Roberto Gomez, of Puerto Rico, dressed as Darth Vader, attends the world premiere of "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker" on Dec. 16, 2019, in Los Angeles. [CHRIS PIZZELLO  |  Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP]
    The massive fandom was built on the strength of a universe that continues to expand beyond the movie theater.
  4. A photograph by Anastasia Samoylova from the "FloodZone" series, on view at USF Contemporary Art Museum in Tampa through March 7. [Courtesy of USF Contemporary Art Museum]
    Plus, check out site-specific installations from the Morean Center for Clay.
  5. Demetri Martin will perform at Tampa Theatre on Jan. 18. [Courtesy of the Tampa Theatre]
    'A Midsummer Night’s Dream,’ ‘The Screwtape Letters’ and ambitious Florida Orchestra collaborations round out the list.
  6. Ai Weiwei's "Zodiac (2018) Lego" is on display through Feb. 9 at the Ringling Museum. [Courtesy of the Ringling]
    Ai Weiwei’s ‘ Zodiac (2018) Lego’ is the big draw, but four other exhibitions each hold their own.
  7. Janna Doughty's "Friends" is included in "Please Stand By," which will open on Jan. 10 at Mize Gallery in St. Petersburg. [Courtesy of Chad Mize]
    Plus, a quartet of new openings and an artist’s talk with contemporary Chinese artist Sun Xun.
  8. A crowd watches Tibetan Buddhist monks from India's Drepung Gomang Monastery dissolve their sand mandala during the Sacred Art Tour at Florida CraftArt in St. Petersburg in 2018. [LUIS SANTANA  |  Times (2018)]
    Plus, ‘Halloween in January’ features work by the Peach Moon and there’s an outdoor photography exhibit in Sarasota.
  9. Audio of the artist reciting a poem plays while visitors explore the Yayoi Kusama: Love is Calling exhibition in the Tampa Museum of Art on September 26, 2018. [Times 2018]
    With new museums, world class exhibitions, arts districts and an abundance of murals, Tampa Bay has grown into an arts destination.
  10. Helen Hardin's "Mimbres Kokopelli" is part of the "Spirit Lines: Helen Hardin Etchings" exhibit at the James Museum in St. Petersburg. [Courtesy of the James Museum]
    Plus, St. Petersburg gets a politically-charged ceramic exhibition and dystopian sculptures invade Ybor City.