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Eight natural wines to try in the Tampa Bay area

New to the growing trend? Start with these wines.

If you’re a natural wine newbie, knowing where to begin can be a little intimidating. Are you a Napa cabernet aficionado? Love a crisp sauvignon blanc? Consider yourself a die-hard pinot fan? There’s probably a natural wine for you. We talked to a group of sommeliers and wine directors in the Tampa Bay area to get their go-to picks for natural wines of the moment.

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If you like prosecco:

A bottle of Joy Ancestral, 2018, from Valencia, Spain. [MARTHA ASENCIO-RHINE | Times]

Joy Ancestral, Cueva by Mariano ($34.99)

A pét-nat (that’s pétillant naturel, a French term meaning “naturally sparkling”) from Spain that’s bright, citrusy and floral.

If you like sauvignon blanc:

A bottle of Cecilia, 2018, from the Sierra Foothills in California. [MARTHA ASENCIO-RHINE | Times]

Cecilia, Frenchtown Farms ($29.99)

From a winemaker based in the Sierra Foothills, this is a unique wine in that winemakers co-ferment both red and white grapes together. The result is a bright, high-acid style with a little bit of natural wine funk on the nose.

If you like gamay or grenache:

A bottle of Unlitro, 2018, from Italy. [MARTHA ASENCIO-RHINE | Times]

Unlitro, Ampeleia ($17.99)

From the coast of Tuscany, this is a grenache-based blend and the archetypal example of what natural red wine is all about. Light-bodied, with bright red fruits and high-acid, this wine is meant to be served chilled.

Iruai Sylvan, Methode Sauvage ($27)

This wine from Calaveras County in California is made from trousseau grapes and carries notes of grape jam, orange tang and cracked pepper.

Rivera del Notro, Roberto Henriquez ($30)

A wine from the Bio-Bio Valley in Chile, this is made from 100 percent pais grapes and carries notes of dried strawberry, cherry liqueur and allspice.

If you like pinot noir or fruity blends:

A bottle of Post Flirtation, 2018, from California. [MARTHA ASENCIO-RHINE | Times]

Post Flirtation, Martha Stouman Wines ($25.99)

This juicy California wine is made with 50 percent zinfandel and 50 percent carignan grapes. Bright and easy to drink, it has notes of fresh raspberry jam.

Feints, Ruth Lewandowski ($26)

A wine from Mendocino County in California, this blend features a silky mouthfeel with notes of bright red fruit and honeydew.

If you like cabernet:

A bottle of Duc des Nauves, 2016, from the Bordeaux region of France. [MARTHA ASENCIO-RHINE | Times]

Duc des Nauves, Chateau le Puy ($25.99)

From the right bank of Bordeaux in France, this red blend is merlot-based with cabernet franc and cabernet sauvignon. It’s a full-bodied wine with notes of dark red fruit and graphite.