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Florida’s favorite Halloween candy is ... Skittles?

The best candy, according to, is Reese’s. But we seem to prefer fruit flavors to chocolate and peanut butter.

October is here, and with it come lists about Halloween candy.

Bulk candy website ranked Skittles as Florida’s favorite Halloween candy.

Snickers and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups came in second and third.

Hawaii, California, Delaware and Arkansas join Florida as Skittles fans. Top Halloween Candy by State

The candy retailer and distributor compiled a favorite Halloween candy list by state, based on 12 years of sales data for the months leading up to Halloween.

It also ranked the best and worst Halloween candies.

Candy corn was the worst candy while managing to be the favorite candy of Nevada, Idaho, North Dakota, New Mexico and Iowa.

The best candy was Reese’s, the favorite in states such as Kansas and Texas.